Gem and Bolt


Gem&Bolt mezcal is produced by a fourth-generation master distiller in Oaxaca, Mexico using espadín agave & fresh mountain spring water. Agave, a stoic plant pollinated by bats that takes up to 10 years to mature under the sun, is hand-harvested, then slowly wood-roasted and mashed with traditional Tahona stone. The roasted mash is fermented naturally in wooden vats and then distilled with precision in small copper stills, a process deeply informed by hundreds of years of tradition.

Gem&Bolt mezcal is uniquely distilled with damiana, a traditional Mexican herb long-revered by the Maya & Aztec for its myriad mood-elevating properties & for endowing mythic powers in the bedroom. This beloved and uplifting herb naturally complements Gem&Bolt mezcal’s heart-opening properties.

Gem&Bolt mezcal is a reflection of our deep care for what we take into our bodies. Utilizing fair-trade, organic and sustainable agave, GEM&BOLT IS CLEAN AND FREE OF ANY ADDITIVES.

The result is a refined mezcal with a revolutionary spirit crafted to please the discerning palates of mezcal enthusiasts among a generation aspiring to artful living and celebration.