Artist Collaboration

Gem&Bolt mezcal is more than a spirits company — it is a movement and a mission-driven initiative rooted in ancient tradition and a commitment to the arts.

Gem&Bolt fosters a community of expression, connection, discovery, and creation. founding duo Adrinadrina and Elliott Coon are first and foremost artists and seekers, both driven by exploring the now, the new, and the unknown. Gem&Bolt is rooted in the artist experience and is inspired by a shared passion to learn, support, and collaborate alongside other artists.

in cultivating this creative platform, Gem&Bolt chooses to nurture radical individuality & expansion, fundamental to the creative community.

Honor the creators - Introducing satori



We are born in a chaotic age, all looking for our own space. A space that exists beyond ideas of what’s right and what’s wrong. A space where we can surrender, and find ourselves.
Let's meet there….

Listen as you take on new dimensions of his musical world, where movement, dreaming and creativity are endless. Let the sound live in your heart, harvesting every last memory of dance and rhythm.

Satori’s sound is more than just a switch on a soundboard; he is the man behind the instrument, creating melodies from the piano, kora, kalimba, and guitar in combination with a deeper form of electronic music.


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